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The bright and versatile V4 houses a BDC atomizer in an elegantly designed and simple ‘single unit’ construction, which incorporates the mouthpiece. Compatible with a huge range of batteries, these little tanks really do out perform the majority on the market, in terms of flavour, vapour production and price.

The V4 tank is one of the ranges from our Replacement Coil System (RCS) series that has taken the world by storm. Easy to fill and operate, the V4 offers the user outstanding performance, as well as the convenience and cost saving of only having to replace the atomizer head when it reaches the end of its' natural life.

The 1.6ml single unit tank is made of a durable plastic that is resistant to discolouration or cracking, combined with a bottom mounted dual coil atomizer which is permanently immersed in e-liquid reducing the ‘dry hit’ risk associated with many wick atomizer systems. The dual coil set up spreads the load, producing voluminous amounts of flavourful vapour from a normal 3.7v Tornado battery. Using a Tornado battery these will deliver in excess of 7.5 Watts of power when using a 1.8ohm atomizer coil. The versatility of this design means that the V4 tank is equally at home on variable voltage devices and a V4 flat base is available should your device not accommodate a plinth.

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