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Available in 2 colours: black and brushed steel.

The Tornado eGo-C+ USB Passthrough comes with a 1100mAh Battery and USB cable and is an essential piece of equipment for those working at a computer, as this allows ease of use and re charge without the need for wall sockets.

Main Features

The Passthrough can easily be plugged into your PC, laptop, or USB mains adapter. The Tornado eGo-C+ Passthrough allows the user to vape as the battery re-charges. Once fully charged, the cable can be disconnected from the battery and will support the user for up to 8-16 hours of vaping.

The battery also has the capability to change the way in which you vape your device. It incorporates the 5 click on / off functionality, as well as enabling the user to switch between regulated mode (indicated by a blue LED) which provides a constant output of 3.3v and unregulated mode (indicated by an orange LED) which changes the output power depending on the capacity left in the battery.

When in unregulated mode, you will be able to give your vaping a ‘kick’ of power, just like having your own personal ‘overdrive’ function, similar to a variable voltage device.

Battery power on/off.

The battery can be switched off to prevent accidental operation when stored. Clicking the power button 5 times within 2 seconds toggles the power on or off.

Regulated mode.

When the power button is pressed the battery outputs a constant 3.3 volts from fully charged to discharged. When the power is exhausted the power button will flash rapidly 20 times and the battery will shut down.

Unregulated mode.

In unregulated mode, when the power button is pressed, the battery will output a higher voltage of 4.2 volts when fully charged. The voltage output will drop as the battery is discharged. When the power is exhausted the power button will flash rapidly 20 times and the battery will shut down.

Changing mode.

  • Turn the power off by pressing the power button 5 times, the light will flash blue or orange 3 times, the power will now be off.
  • Press and hold the power button for approximately 8 seconds until the power button flashes blue or orange 3 times, at this point the battery is still switched off.
  • Press the button 5 times, to switch the device on.

At power up the light will flash either blue or orange, blue indicates the device is set to regulated mode and orange indicates the device is set to unregulated mode.

In regulated mode the button will change colour as the battery discharges to give you indication of the charge remaining.

  • A white light indicates 100%  to 51% charge remaining.
  • Light blue indicates 50% to 11% charge remaining.
  • Dark blue light indicates 10% charge remaining, at this stage you need to consider charging the battery.

In the unregulated mode there is no indication of the remaining charge, as the voltage drops you will notice a drop in performance, it is at this point you need to consider recharging your battery.

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