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Looking for something a little different, out of the ordinary, ground breaking?

Then look no further, we bring you the Mag-Oid, a futuristically designed electronic cigarette, which combines both atomizer and battery into a single expertly packaged large volume fluid tank.

The Mag-Oid e-cigarette measures 4 inches (105mm) in height and features an easy to remove and replace battery that connects using the power of magnets. The battery is charged using a simple magnetic USB flash charger.

The Mag-Oid is a unique and very individual electronic cigarette. It is the first of its kind to incorporate both battery and fluid tank into the same space and as such delivers a very deceptive yet elegant package that surprises in both battery capacity and fluid volume. The device is compact, easy to use, easy to refill whilst offering the user a pocket sized yet powerful e-cig option which has a real quality feel. The ease of use, subtle led lights, automatic operation and innovative design means that you will own an e-cig that is low on maintenance, high on performance and a real conversation piece.

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