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The vaping industry has moved at a rate of knots unlike any other, and Joyetech is stepping into 2017 with the Ocular, a device that features the first ever 1.68 inch colour touchscreen.

The Ocular is set to deliver a whole new user experience for vapers with extra’s like the ability to listen to music, a daily vaping tracker and an integrated 5000mAh battery.

  • Am intuitively designed user friendly interface makes using the Joyetech Ocular a breeze, delivered in a clear, 1.68 inch colour touchscreen.
  • Achieve up to 80W of power from several different output modes including; variable wattage (VW), variable temperature (VT) utilising various coil wires and temperature coefficient resistance (TCR) mode which adds another level of control further improving the accuracy of temperature control.
  • The Joyetech Ocular also supports Bypass mode allowing the battery to emulate a mechanical mod so that the voltage output is determined by the battery capacity you have. This battery mod delivers all the functions a mechanical mod provides, but with the inbuilt protection a regulated e-cigarette offers.
  • The Joyetech Ocular allows vapers to listen to music, view photos, track vaping data and even counts your steps! Delivering entertainment beyond vaping not seen before in an e-cigarette mod.
  • However, Joyetech have not forgotten the core aspects of what makes a fantastic device, and combining the entertainment with a 5000mAh battery, various output modes and a sturdy and sleek design, you have a mod that can truly do it all.