Mix Your Own E-liquid


E-liquids are a combination of three ingredients: Nicotine, Flavour Concentrate and Diluent. With Totally Wicked not only are you assured of the highest quality UK produced, pharmaceutical grade mixing ingredients but the widest range of nicotine, diluents and concentrates for your e-liquid.

By mixing these three ingredients to the correct ratios anybody can make their own unique flavours and strengths. With over 80 flavour concentrates available these can combine to make thousands of possible combinations, you can go wild and create your own unique flavour combination, the only thing holding you back is your imagination.

At Totally Wicked we champion quality and value for money for our customers, and we are very proud of our unique and unrivalled DIY e-liquid products. Everything you will ever need to become your very own ‘mixologist’ can be found in our Mix Your Own section.

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